A significant component in providing care is finding people and organizations that are willing to work together on the same issue, and connect them. CityServe Arizona hopes to be that connection point. We want to provide a "portal" where those who have a heart to serve can find others to work alongside to accomplish a goal.

We also want to investigate the "best practice models." We will do research on those organizations currently providing care in their communities. We can then provide a directory of services that currently exist to those looking to help. We will have a clearer idea of what is really needed to get those "on the front lines of care" what they need.

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Our History

Building on a strong network of pastors, and churches that sought out opportunities to be more present in their communities, Arizona was on the verge of a new movement. Arizona CityFest and Season of Service was the catalyst for creating a stronger network and a more unified vision for our state. Churches left the comfort of working alone and began to seek out ways to partner with organizations and civic endeavors to meet real needs in their own local communities. Public schools received much needed attention, food banks were replenished, neighborhoods were revitalized, and families were cared for, driven by the vision of loving our state. CityServe Arizona was created to continue this momentum with the purpose of building new and stronger relationships between Churches, Organizations and Government sectors.

Our Team

  • Billy Thrall Billy Thrall - Executive Director I am an Arizona native with 25 years in full-time ministry as a pastor and community advocate. Billy wants Arizona be famous for things that are about Christ and His Kingdom!
  • Terrilyn Miller Terrilyn Miller – Operations and Development I love Arizona and the people who live here. My background is in business and serving nonprofit organizations. Terrilyn wants to see Arizona unite, mobilize and discover the transformative power of loving, serving and working together to help those in need.
  • Mission Transforming our city by fostering collaboration and relationships of care.
  • Vision Our vision is that real needs are being met through promoting loving service, connecting those who care, and fostering collaboration among those that can help.